Women’s Lace Strapless Tube Bra

৳ 365.00


How to measure


SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
28A59-62 cm72-74 cm
28B59-62 cm74-76 cm
28C59-62 cm76-78 cm
28D59-62 cm78-80 cm
28DD59-62 cm80-82 cm
28E59-62 cm82-84 cm
28F59-62 cm85-88 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
30A59-62 cm77-79 cm
30B59-62 cm79-81 cm
30C59-62 cm81-83 cm
30D59-62 cm83-85 cm
30DD63-67 cm85-88 cm
30E63-67 cm88-91 cm
30F63-67 cm92-95 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
32A63-67 cm82-84 cm
32B63-67 cm84-86 cm
32C63-67 cm86-88 cm
32D63-67 cm88-90 cm
32DD68-72 cm90-93 cm
32E68-72 cm94-97 cm
32F68-72 cm98-100 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
34A68-72 cm87-89 cm
34B68-72 cm 89-91 cm
34C68-72 cm91-93 cm
34D68-72 cm93-96 cm
34DD68-72 cm97-100 cm
34E73-77 cm101-104 cm
34F73-77 cm105-108 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
36A73-77 cm92-94 cm
36B73-77 cm94-96 cm
36C73-77 cm96-98 cm
36D73-77 cm98-101 cm
36DD78-82 cm102-105 cm
36E78-82 cm106-109 cm
36F78-82 cm110-113 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
38A78-82 cm97-99 cm
38B78-82 cm99-101 cm
38C78-82 cm101-103 cm
38D78-82 cm103-106 cm
38DD83-87 cm107-110 cm
38E83-87 cm111-114 cm
38F83-87 cm115-118 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
40A83-87 cm102-104 cm
40B83-87 cm104-106 cm
40C83-87 cm106-108 cm
40D83-87 cm108-111 cm
40DD83-87 cm112-115 cm
40E88-92 cm116-119 cm
40F88-92 cm120-123 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
42A88-92 cm107-109 cm
42B88-92 cm109-111 cm
42C88-92 cm111-113 cm
42D88-92 cm113-116 cm
42DD93-97 cm117-120 cm
42E93-97 cm121-124 cm
42F93-97 cm125-128 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
44A93-97 cm112-114 cm
44B93-97 cm114-116 cm
44C93-97 cm116-118 cm
44D93-97 cm118-121 cm
44DD98-102 cm122-125 cm
44E98-102 cm126-129 cm
44F98-102 cm130-133 cm
SIZEUnderbust (cm)Overbust (cm)
46A103-107 cm117-119 cm
46B103-107 cm119-121 cm
46C103-107 cm121-123 cm
46D103-107 cm123-126 cm
46DD103-107 cm127-130 cm
46E103-107 cm131-134 cm
46F103-107 cm135-138 cm
  • Material: Polyamide, Spandex
  • Style: Push Up, Sexy
  • Foam and After Remove The foam usable
  • Foam Removal Pocket Available
  • Decoration: Lace
  • Cup Shape: Full Cup
  • 53% Polyamide,40% Polyester,7% Elastane
  • Type: Adjusted-Straps, Back Closure, Wire Free, Solid, Bras